How to maintain your wakeskate or wakeboard base

Everyone knows your wakeskate or wakeboard base has to handle al lot of dirty hits in the wakepark. After some time in the park your base will get dried out and scratched, which will slow you down extremely on the park features. How to take care about it?

WAXTHAT Wakeskate and wakeboard wax

WAXTHAT is a specially formulated eco-friendly wakeskate & wakeboard wax. Our wax is used to coat the wakeskate & wakeboard base and provide a consistent carefree ride in all wake parks. WAXTHAT is also a perfect protection for your base, to provide a longer life expectancy of your board!

Is your wakeskate or wakeboard base already dried out and/or scratched?

Slowing down or getting stuck on the park features is something you don’t want while you’re going for that trick. The best to prevent this kind of situations is to maintain your base with WAXTHAT. After you’ve waxed your board it’s important to use our Polish Pad to spread out the wax equally all over the base and into the scratches. After this treatment your board feels brand new!

How to use WAXTHAT instruction video:

How to wax a wakeboard from WAXTHAT on Vimeo.