Film | Better – WAXTHAT Winch Tour

For “Better” we filmed 2 intense weeks of winching with our crew across the Netherlands.
Featuring Antoine Allaux, Lior Sofer, Mik Nieuwenhoff and Dirk van Esser.
Unbelievable hard teamwork, tears of joy and painkillers for breakfast. We poured so much love into this project! We created a new winch tour video to be stoked on and show the scene our urban vision of the sport. Enjoy our adventure!

“Better” is supported by GoPro/Response Nordic & Wild West Winches.
Special thanks to tractor driver Sam Nieuwenhoff and GV Constructions for helping us built the new winch kicker.

Produced by WAXTHAT
Filmer: Lex Dekker
Director: Daan Rigter
Photographer: Bas Wondergem
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Better | WAXTHAT Winch Tour from WAXTHAT on Vimeo.