Film | Better – WAXTHAT Winch Tour

For “Better” we filmed 2 intense weeks of winching with our crew across the Netherlands. Featuring Antoine Allaux, Lior Sofer, Mik Nieuwenhoff and Dirk van Esser. Unbelievable hard teamwork, tears of joy and painkillers for breakfast. We poured so much love into this project! We created a new winch tour video to be stoked on […]

EDIT | Dirk van Esser – Better late than never 2017 Recap

True friend, amazing shredder and wonderful spirit Dirk van Esser finished his season edit, Better Late Than Never! Watch his best moments of 2017 including WAXTHAT Winch Tour madness, you won’t be disappointed! Let’s watch & rock!

Edit | Home Shred Home – Daan Rigter

The Wet ‘n Wild squad have been working and twerking together this season. Couple sweet morning sessions with fresh coffee as warming up and some good laughing on the dock, gotta love this place. Riding and building up this park since Daan Rigter his first cable ride in 2003, still makes him wanna ride more, […]

Edit | Lowlands riders at Wakebeach257

Our boy Victor Salmon and Dirk van Esser, Daan Rigter, Mik Nieuwenhoff, Sjors van de Kerkhof, Twan Hendrix ┬ávisited Wakebeach257 last month. Here’s a little recap of the riding that went down. Enjoy!