The Original Wakeskate & Wakeboard Wax

All Temperature Wax

Rub-on Wax

Biodegradable & Non-Toxic

Hand Poured in the Netherlands

We’re putting an end to sticky moments on park features! WAXTHAT is an eco friendly rub-on base coating formulated to provide a consistent and predictable ride in all wake parks. Our original formula brings balance to the forces of friction and glide, giving you dependable board feel on any park feature surface. At the same time WAXTHAT is the perfect protection for your wakeskate & wakeboard base, what’s needed against all the hits.

For winching on urban rails and ledges WAXTHAT will also give you that catch free ride!

Each one of our non-toxic, biodegradable components is blended in small, precise batches ensuring a consistent, predictable result from opener to the ender, every day!

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WAXTHAT is made and poured in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Next to the sea and close to the wake parks.

Our innovative wakeskate & wakeboard wax containing environmentally friendly additives and the unique hand poured manufacturing process that is done in small amounts, ensures that each bar of wax stays consistent with the right amount of additives.

Our goal at WAXTHAT is to produce the finest quality wakeskate & wakeboard wax while maintaining strong environmental standards to keep our waters clean. To satisfy rider demand for environmentally friendly products, WAXTHAT promises to continue creating an environmental sustainable product, without disrupting its performance.

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