We have been off the Februradar to cook a delicious March-menu for you. This month is filled with the final two flavorful episodes of WaxMyChilli!


Magic happens when the right ingredients come together…We like to announce the new collab deliciousness WAXTHAT X SPICY? To kick off our collaboration, this fall we started to wax some chillies with a lot of spiciness! In six days a crew of four risk-takers visited four cable parks in two countries. Conclusion: hilarious, gnarly, inclusive and unseen mayhem filled with lots of love.

Talk of the TAO – Enzo Asseraf

Welcome Back everyone, Hope your all doing well & healthy!
This Episode Daniel Grant has a chat with Enzo Asseraf, once a kid now, as tall or taller than the Dan.. gaining style, power and attention where ever he rides! lets dive into how it is like to be a junior on the scene, his story […]

Meet the French Ripping Youngbloods

At last Terhills Obstacle Jam in Belgium we met the little French rippers Enzo Asseraf, Camille Charraud and Loic Deschaux. When you see these young wakeboarders playing on the water with a big smile, you know which crazy next level direction wakeboarding will go the upcoming years…